Trin and Tonic

let's all give a fuck or two

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bigshellincident asked: Trin. TRIN. The cool person on Twitter who always seems to be awake when I'm asleep/should-be-asleep-too-embarrassed-to-let-people-know-online. Are you coming to GDC?

ONE: thank you for thinking I am cool; I think you are cool also

TWO: I’m pretty sure you are on the other side of the world so our opposite circadian rhythms would be natural. 

THREE: No I am not! My con schedule is super limited by my new job, unfortunately. I also think you have to be invited to GDC, right? I am not THAT cool. 

I will however be at C2E2 and Pax Prime and I am available for high fives at both of those locations.